Baritone Summit

Allan Chase’s Baritone Summit

Allan Chase- baritone saxophone
Ben Whiting- baritone saxophone
Kathy Olson- baritone saxophone
Brian Friedland & Plamen Karadonev- piano
Bruno Raberg- bass
Austin McMahon- drums

Led by Allan Chase, this group performs originals and arrangements of jazz standards for 3 baritone saxophones and rhythm section. All three bari sax players approach playing and improvising in distinct ways and bring something unique to the performance. Check out some recordings from live performances:

If I Should Lose You by Ralph Rainger arr. Olson with special guest Mark Zaleski on bari sax

Black Narcissus by Joe Henderson arr. Allan Chase

Theme from the L-Shaped Room by John Barry arr. Allan Chase

Strut – Ben Whiting