Two Bari Band

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Two Bari Band

The Two Bari Band was started by Melanie Howell-Brooks and Kathy Olson as a collaboration that would provide a way for them to compose and arrange new music for jazz quintet.  As they are both baritone saxophone players, they thought it would be a fun challenge to not only write new music, but then have the other person arrange those new tunes for two baritone saxes and rhythm section.  Since COVID was preventing them from being able to perform, it was also a way to keep them motivated musically and looking forward to a time where they could finally hear the music in person. 

Photo credits: Ray Drueke (Melanie) 
and (Kathy)


A Walk in the Snow – Melanie Howell-Brooks

arr. Kathy Olson

Groundhog Dreams – Kathy Olson

arr. Melanie Howell-Brooks